Augusta Thurman is the stage name of August Slater, a drag performer from New York City, New York. She is one of the first 10 queens to compete on Season One of ZuPaul's Drag Race.

About Augusta

Augusta a pageant queen known in the New York drag circuit for her fishy and glamorous drag. She states that what sets her apart from other queens in New York is her sense of style and the artistic looks she brings to the table. While there are many other high concept, artistic queens in New York, Augusta states that she brings a little bit of Milan and Paris glamour to every single one of her shows. On top of this Augusta is known for her vocal talent, and has recorded several well-received records both under her actual name and her drag name. Despite this, Augusta is not a very good actress and mainly has stuck to the runway and vocal scene. What will she bring to Drag Race? Only time will tell.


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